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Launch of the new “Tunnel Drilling Solutions” (TDS) department

Our company’s new “Tunnel Drilling Solutions” division is launching on 1 September 2013. This department is specifically responsible for all drilling and injection work requirements in tunnels. Alexander Lösch, the department’s manager, spent 10 years working in the operational side of business at a large foundation engineering company. During his career, he has worked on the Gotthard-Basistunnel, the City Tunnel Leipzig, Metro Amsterdam and the Hallandsas Tunnel in Sweden, to name a few. It is our goal to be able to offer customised and comprehensive solutions for the tasks presented through this wealth of experience and the required “feel” for the issues associated with foundation engineering. In addition to the standard drilling systems (hammer and overburden drilling, etc.), and including the delivery/ supply of drilling pipes, transitions, etc., our selection includes speciality drilling systems for areas under glaciation and controlled drilling. Our philosophy is to offer complete solutions from a single source, and to competently remain on hand with help and advice for the contractor.


New RH28 rotary drilling rig put into operation

As of recently, our new drilling rig, a DELMAG RH28 equipped with a 34t torsional rotary table, has been put into operation at a customer’s construction site. This site carries out drillings for flood protection measures in Döbeln, where high water recently caused considerable damage.

The drilling rig is powered by a Caterpillar C13 engine, an in-line six cylinder with 328KW (447hp) if motor power. The unit can be used for drilling diameters of up to 1500mm – and in exceptions for diameters up to 1800mm.

Please inquire within. We would be happy to advise you and provide you with an attractive rental proposal.


GDS delivers and commissions a pile rammer for Bilfinger Construction

GDS has delivered and commissioned a pile rammer for Bilfinger Constuction for the ”Citybanan” project. On the project part "Anslutning Södra" Bilfinger is drilling down a large number of steel core piles in the northern part of Fatbursparken in Södermalm in a challenging formation. To verify the load carrying capacity, it has been decided that each pile shall be tested and analyzed. The pile rammer PH2000 is powered by hydraulics and intended for excavator mounting. The design has been developed by SPD Scandinavian Pile Driving, and many consider it to be the safest rammer on the market. The ram is enclosed and operated at a safe distance by radio control. Besides the delivery of the rammer, the delivery also included hydraulic and electric adaptations of the excavator, which were conducted by SPD Scandinavian Pile Driving. With quick couplings for the hydraulics and -plugs for the electrical connection, the operator can shift to ram in a few minutes only. If you want to know more about SPD's rammer or other products, please feel free to contact us!

Link to SPD website:


Rental park expands with DELMAG RH28 drilling rig and LEFFER tool package

As of July 2013, an additional DELMAG RH28 drilling rig will be available for rental from our rental park. The new drilling rig comes with a 34t torque drilling table and a kelly bar for drilling depths of approx. 30cm. Furthermore, the rig features an attachment for LEFFER pipework machines. In order to cope with the increased demand for tools, additional LEFFER drilling pipes and tools in all diameters that we offer were acquired.

download technical data (PDF)


GDS is now a distributor for KARBO product line of drill bits

We are pleased to announce that the GDS is now distributor of Karbo's assortment of drill bits. Karbo is a well reputed name in the drilling industry for innovative drill bits and for a high flexibility in design and construction that allows customers to tailor-made bits for the specific conditions on the drilling site. Karbo is the inventor of the "High Speed ??Drill Bit" which over the years is being copied by many other manufacturers. Karbo's product range includes drill bits for DTH hammers from 2" to 6" and with diameter range from 76mm to 222mm, and for top hammers covering diameters from 40mm to 105mm. Slant drill bits for directional drilling and hole openers is also a portion of the product range as well as KARBO’s partnership with SONICSAMPDRILL for drill bits for Sonic Drilling.

If you want to know more about Karbo's bits we are at your service!

Link to Karbo website:

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