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New colleague supports rental team

We are happy to welcome a new colleague in the rental team. And perhaps you have already got to know Jacqueline Schreiter personally on the phone. She has been supporting our rental department since October 2013 and is, in addition to Dietmar Hanßke, in charge of the commercial management of the rental park in Hainichen. Here she takes on administrative tasks as well as extensive operations within the rental process ranging from order right through to invoicing.


Interoc anchor boring rigs new in our rental park

Starting this year, we are also able to offer you Interoc anchor boring rigs for rent. Interoc is a brand of the ABI Group, which is located in Niedernberg/ Lower Franconia. It goes without saying that these “Made in Germany” products are of the best quality.

The machines stand for performance, sturdiness and durability. They may be used for numerous drilling processes, such as rotary impact drilling, casing drilling, double head drilling (rotary and impact rotary), overburden drilling (reverse), drilling with continuous flight augers, self-drilling anchors, drilling with down-the-hole hammers, duplex drilling, micropiles and HDI.

Our selection includes drilling rigs in 2 different sizes.

The smaller version, Interoc AN120, weighs 13 tonnes, has a feed force of 8 tonnes, as well a usable feed path of 4.3m (with a single drill drive). The machine may be fitted with a drill hammer or a rotary drive.

The larger version, Interoc AN150, weighs 16 tonnes, has a feed force of 11.5 tonnes, as well as a usable feed path of 5.6m (with a single drive drill), or 4.8m (with a double head drill drive). This machine may be additionally fitted with a double head drill drive.

Both drilling rig types are fitted with a standard rod magazine. The maximum drilling diameter is 250mm.

These machines can be rented on a daily or monthly basis, depending on the individual areas of application.

We would be happy to make you an offer and look forward to hearing from you!

Download: Datenblatt (PDF)


We wish you a restful and merry Christmas!

2013 was a very successful year, in which we were able to both make interesting and challenging experiences with you, as well as to master tasks. For this, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, and look forward to working together again in 2014. Enjoy some much deserved rest with your loved ones! We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Your Grit and Torsten Hoffmann, Dietmar Hanßke and colleagues


We’re expanding!

Construction on our property in Hainichen/ Saxony is in full swing. We now have additional office space after the size of our external warehouse’s storage yard was recently expanded by around 1000 square metres. The extension will create 250 square metres of office space, which will solve the issues that the sales department has been having. Moreover, a conference room as well as a new lunch room spacious enough for all of our employees will be created. The design, structural work and drywall installation is being done by the Löwe & Schulz Bauunternehmung GmbH from Lommatzsch. The heating and plumbing is being taken care of by the Quandt GmbH from Pappendorf. The building is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014.


Frank Lörner – a new member of our service team

For three months now, Frank Lörner has been a member of our shop team. His duties include reconditioning rental tools that have been returned to our shop after very intensive usage with a lot of wear and tear. He will also be supporting the loading and unloading of tools and drilling rigs in Hainichen.

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