Thursday, 09.03.2017

Besab first contractor ever to use the GDS Twin 720 diesel in connection to ground re-inforcement of the Pyramiden blocks

Tuesday, 28.02.2017

The Skanska Bostäder’s Pyramiden blocks on Södermalm in Stockholm is being re-inforced with water-propelled drilling technology and the unique Twin 720 diesel pump from GDS ...

Hecules-Trevi makes pre-drilling for jet-grouting with water-propelled hammers WAI for the Swedish Ica Stores new Headquarters in Arenastaden, Solna

Wednesday, 15.02.2017

Approximately 600 holes of Ø115 mm, 4.5’’, were drilled for part of the construction of the Headquarters building ...

GDS supplies WAI 40i hammer technology for the Chancza Water Reservoir in Poland

Tuesday, 13.12.2016

Commissioned by RZGW Kraków, the Polish contractor SOLEY needed to drill more than 300 drainage holes in order to prevent ...

GDS Geo Drilling Solutions expands with new Marketing & Sales team members

Tuesday, 01.11.2016

Dear Reader, Starting from end of September, GDS has expanded its sales team with one more person ...

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Work shop container equipped for maintenance and repairs of drilling hammers

Last week GDS delivered a work shop container to Finland to a costumer who wished to perform more sophisticated repairs of hammers, for …

GDS concrete casting reel helps to prepare for Karlatornet

Preparing for project Karlatornet in Gothenburg, NPB, Nordisk Pål & Borrteknik, is currently at the request of Veidekke, casting deep drilled steel pipes with concrete using GDS self-developed …

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