Water propelled drilling

Water propelled drilling is something we have been doing since we started in 2012 and is still to this
 day of great importance for us.

Within this field we can offer complete solutions for your water drilling project, with everything from
 water supply, self-developed high-pressure water pumps, swivels, DTH-hammers and filter systems
 for waste water management. Please read further about what products we offer on our product page.

Why water propelled drilling?
For more than 25 years, water propelled drilling has been able to effectively solve several drilling
applications, yet there are many who hesitates. Following are benefits of using water propelled

  • Quieter
  • Less fuel consumption (high-pressure water pumps are more efficient than compressors that are used 
in conventional drilling)
  • Less, or no, dust, which can be favorable in many aspects
  • Gentler to surrounding geology and infrastructure/buildings
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