Large foundation engineering machines

Through our German sister company BWH we are able to offer larger foundation engineering 
machines from ABI and Liebherr. BWH has a long experience of rental and service of these machines 
and together with GDS we can equip a large foundation machine for Scandinavian drilling projects.

Stenhuggarvägen 7C
SE-132 38 Saltsjö-Boo

+46 (0) 70 461 06 80
Work shop container equipped for maintenance and repairs of drilling hammers

Last week GDS delivered a work shop container to Finland to a costumer who wished to perform more sophisticated repairs of hammers, for …

GDS concrete casting reel helps to prepare for Karlatornet

Preparing for project Karlatornet in Gothenburg, NPB, Nordisk Pål & Borrteknik, is currently at the request of Veidekke, casting deep drilled steel pipes with concrete using GDS self-developed …

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