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Water filtering unit for water powered drilling

GDS delivers a Ramson water filtration unit for Bauer Foundations Corp. project Center Hill Dam in the US. Bauer Foundation Corp. has won a large project for the rehabilitation of Center Hill Dam in Tennessee, USA. The drilling operations are planned for water powered drilling and the dam reservoir is to serve as the raw water source To ensure a high and stable water quality GDS is supplying an automatic filtering unit in stainless steel execution with back flushing self cleaning capability. With the robust and proven filter having a design based on many years of experience, the performance of the delicate drilling system is being ensured and drilling disruptions as well as equipment wear will be minimized. The filtration unit has a filtration capacity of 700 l/min and is equipped with an automation system with logging and documentation of the filtration process and ensures complete control of the water quality. Click this link for more information about the Center Hill Dam Remediation project:
(External link)


Colcrete injection unit for Entreprenørservice A/S

GDS delivers a complete Colcrete grout mixing unit for Entreprenørservice A/S in Norway. The mixing unit comprises a Colcrete kollodial mixer, agitator tank and high pressure grout injection pump. The mixing capacity for the unit is up to 10 m3 grout per hour. The injection unit is built on a skid and is prepared for being mounted in a standard container. The unit will be delivered in the beginning of July and the commissioning includes a training program for the operators. With the new equipment in operation combined with the implementation of improved batching procedures Entreprenørservice A/S prepare for gaining a higher capacity with an increased quality in addition hereto.


Washing area with state-of-the-art oil separator put into operation

A modern washing area with an effective oil separator has been put into operation at the Hainichen site a short time ago. It serves for cleaning the tools after the rental assignments before repairing and conditioning them in the workshop. The image shows our employee Heiko Schmidt cleaning the DELMAG RH20. The drilling device has been in continuous use since December 2011. The maintenance works have just been finished and the tool is prepared for a new deployment from next week on.


… like father, like son

We welcome Mr Philipp Ettrich to our workshop team, which he joined in November 2011. Key part of his work is repairing the drilling tools after high-wear applications as well as loading and unloading the transport vehicles. In this connection, load securing of the tools, which weigh tons, is an important matter. Since last year, his father Steffen has been working in our company as well.


GDS at Grundlaggningsdagen in Stockholm

On March 8th the Foundation Industry in Sweden held its annual conference and exhibition. Known as Grundläggningsdagen, it is very much ‘The event of the year’. GDS used the opportunity to officially introduce itself at this important event, and to welcome delegates to meet its partners who were attending the show to support GDS, as well as making new friends and contacts, and learning more about the Swedish foundation market. ‘We received a very positive response from the many visitors to our stand, as we explained our plans to present a complete package to our customers, providing them with flexible, and high quality solutions.’ said Robert Hansson, Director GDS. ‘Offering the choice to rent or buy equipment, along with our German partners BWH and MWH, we hold a considerable stock of casing etc. for immediate delivery.’ The event turned out very successfully and the evening dinner will be remembered for a long time!

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