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TDS delivers drill equipment for the largest tunnel project in the world

In the course of the selection of Qatar as the football World Cup host in the year 2022 and the strongly growing population combined with new districts in the capital city of Doha as a consequence thereof plannings for a new underground system started in 2011. In this context 4 underground lines in total are planned to be built as a twin bore tunnel each. In total, up to 21 tunnel drilling machines (TDM) are deployed for this project. Thus, this project is currently the largest tunnel site throughout the whole world. Due to the geological conditions (soft soil, limestone, slate content) with a partly very severe ingress of water through existing clefts our customer worked out a proposal for solution for sealing the required crosscuts by way of injections. The entire drill equipment for this project was delivered by TDS and brought into service on site. Due to the long ways of transportation several options with regard to the drilling work have been developed by us in order to flexibly comply with the requirements on site in case of any difficulties occurring. After drilling operations for several weeks the holes can be drilled to the fullest satisfaction of the customer and the necessary injections can be inserted.


From 8 to 11 September our colleagues from the Polish Eurotech Plus with their ETP Mine division exhibited at the SIMEC, an international fair, particularly addressing to commodity and energy companies, such as the coal industry.

Together with BETEK, the manufacturer, their quality products for underground operations, such as coal mines, as well as the innovative TUNGSTUDS wear products were presented. The live show on TUNGSTUDS attracted many visitors and informed about the easy and effective handling of such products.

It is beyond all question that time has come to reduce the picks covered by a hard metal shell as well as the cutting teeth in underground operations. The answer is given by ETP Mine and BETEK with products of higher quality and, thus, more durable products.


Brand-new Liebherr LB28 drill in use in Hamburg

For approx. 2 months, our brand-new Liebherr LB28 drilling rig will be in use on a construction site in urban Hamburg. After the tool was recently taken over from the manufacturing factory in Nenzing, Austria, it was transported directly to the construction site. Suspension-supported posts with a 1080mm diameter are being produced for building foundations. Our technician, Martin Tröster, documented the receipt of the equipment in Austria, as well as the handover to the client. The operator received the obligatory training on this occasion as well from the BWH and Liebherr, Hamburg specialists. The operator was very impressed by the machine’s outstanding ease of use.


Liebherr LB16 in use in Oslo

The Liebherr LB16 is currently in use at a customer’s construction site in connection with a tunnel project in the vicinity of Oslo, Norway. The machinery is being employed for the construction of a “secant pile wall” and is successfully drilling out piles with a diameter of 1180mm. This comparatively small machine was chosen because of its compact design and the applicable construction site conditions, such as the close proximity to electrical plants. The machine’s performance parameters make operations without the supplied LEFFER casing oscillator machine possible.


We invite you to the Grundläggningsdagen on 12 March2015 in Stockholm

GDS Geo Drilling Solutions, BWH Bohrwerkzeuge Hoffmann and TDS Tunnel Drilling Solutions would once again like to invite those interested to this year’s Grundläggningsdagen on 12 March 2015 at the Stockholm’s congress centre. We will be representing ourselves together with our partners at this convention. This is also your chance to meet our new GDS colleague, Andreas Schibbye, in person. We look forward to seeing you there!

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